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QtNXWindow Class Reference

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Public Slots

void configure ()
void configureClosed (QString)
void failedLogin ()
void handleAtCapacity ()
void handleLogging (QString)
void handleNoSessions ()
void handleProgress (int, QString)
void handleStatus (QString)
void handleSuspendedSessions (QList< NXResumeData >)
void handleTimeout ()
void quit ()
void resumeNewPressed ()
void resumeResumePressed (QString)
void showLogWindow ()
void sshContinue (QString)
void startConnect ()
void updateLinkType (QString)

Private Member Functions

int getDepth ()
int getHeight ()
int getWidth ()
void initialiseClient ()
void parseXML ()
void reinitialiseClient ()
void setDefaultData ()
void setupUI ()

Private Attributes

QString binaryPath
QtNXCallback callback
QAction * closeWindowAction
NXConfigData config
QMenu * connectionMenu
QMenu * fileMenu
QTextDocument * log
QWidget * loginDialog
QDialog * logWindow
NXClientLib * m_NXClient
QMenuBar * menuBar
QTimer * processProbe
NXSessionData session
QStatusBar * statusBar
Ui::LoginDialog ui_lg
Ui::LogWindow ui_lw

Detailed Description

Definition at line 97 of file qtnxwindow.h.

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